Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the utilization of methods to prepare and optimize a website so that search engine robots will be able to crawl and scan the site well in order for the pages on the website to be indexed and recorded by the various search engines. SEO also encourages search engines to place an increased value on a website and move it higher up in their rankings.


The idea behind this 3 month SEO plan is to be consistent and safe. There are methods of SEO that google considers illegal and are used to create a ton of backlinks. Google can remove your website if this is the case. Therefore, we want to create high quality backlinks, using safe methods, a little bit every day so it is safe but yet effective because of the quality of the backlinks. Before doing this, the site will be prepared and optimized through on page SEO.

On Page SEO

A maximum of 12 pages would be selected and these pages would be optimized. So I suggest that these pages should include the home page and the top level navigation pages as these are generally the most important pages on every website.


Off Page SEO

New backlinks will be made for your website every day, all from unique domains. Only high authority sites will be selected, so your site will receive quality links on daily basis. As opposed to competitors, all links which are created will be shown and you will know exactly what is done every day. At the end of my work you will receive a handy and nice report with all created backlinks.

The Result

At the end of the three month period, what you can expect is to see an excellent movement of your website for the selected keywords in the Search Engine Search Results. Based on these results you can continue the plan using these keywords or you can have another 5 keywords determined and analysed and begin the process over with these new keywords.